New Hampshire store rejects District resident’s license when he tries to buy alcohol

On July 4, inhabitants of the District of Columbia no doubt celebrated America’s 238th birthday with the same enthusiasm as the rest of the nation. Caught up in the holiday’s patriotism and pyrotechnics, it may have been easy… Read More

This Week In The Voice: You debatin’ at me?

This week in Features, Matthew Decker takes a look at the Philodemic Society “Founded in 1830, with the motto ‘in pursuit of eloquence in defense of liberty,’ the Philodemic Society is Georgetown’s oldest and longest-running student organization and… Read More

Police seize numerous fake IDs at Third Edition

The Metropolitan Police Department seized approximately 20 fake IDs Thursday evening at Third Edition. According to The Examiner, MPD confiscated the IDs after the people using them—mainly students from Georgetown and George Washington University—had entered the building. DCist… Read More