What Would Simone De Beauvoir Say: This week’s movie releases

For Valentine’s Day movie releases, Vox has chosen Simone de Beauvoir to offer her opinions on love and sex. Winter’s Tale Colin Farrell and Lady Sibyl from Downton Abbey. Irish accents. True love. Also Russel Crowe. Vox is going to… Read More

Twuesday Tweetacular: Man down on Lau 2

If Kevin needs any ideas, Vox recommends an Awakening or enrolling in an Arabic language course. Either could easily result in a causality on Lau 2. If I[r/c]onicCenterpart was actually snapping, and an actual feminist walked by, there… Read More

United Fems and H*yas for Choice form concerted campaign for reproductive rights at Georgetown

H*yas for Choice and United Feminists have partnered up in a new campaign that’s demanding substantial change in Georgetown’s reproductive rights policies. The latter being a University-recognized group, the new movement has the potential to endanger UF’s funding… Read More