GUSA’s FinApp budget, explained

A month after the Budget Summit, GUSA’s fearless Finance and Appropriation Committee passed its budget Sunday that distributed $998,400 among various boards and programs. The budget for the fiscal year of 2015 includes some new and exciting initiatives…. Read More


Where $150+ of your money goes each year: Vox explains GUSA’s Budget Summit

February is a big month for GUSA. And no, Vox is not just talking about elections for GUSA executive. GUSA’s Finance and Appropriations Committee held their annual Budget Summit on Sunday. FinApp Chair Seamus Guerin (COL ’16) called… Read More

GUSA Roundup: A Sunday evening quickie

This Sunday night’s GUSA meeting was an absolute breeze, with no legislation to pass and only the election of a new Finance and Appropriations committee member. The whole affair clocked in at 33 minutes and 50 seconds. With… Read More

GUSA FinApp updates proposed budget

Last night, the GUSA Finance and Appropriations Committee passed a new version of the Fiscal Year 2012 Student Activities Budget based on the appeals of three groups that did not receive the full allocation they asked for from… Read More

Activities budget: Newspaper stands return, $250k for club sports

This morning, GUSA’s Finance and Appropriations Committee released its student activities budget for the 2012 fiscal year. Clubs requested more than $1.6 million in funding and received $800,000, as per the plan established in last semester’s Student Activities… Read More

GUSA talks SAFE reform at second town hall meeting

Last night, the GUSA Financial and Appropriations Committee held its second town hall meeting to discuss the Student Activities Fee Endowment reform plan. Attendees discussed the previously proposed reform plan, as well as a potential increase in the… Read More

GUSA’s FinApp delays vote on draft budget to finalize PAAC, SAC conditions

Tuesday night’s meeting of the Georgetown University Student Association Finance and Appropriation Committee was all anti-climax, with the Senators having to put off voting on the draft budget they put together before Spring Break until Thursday. Because details… Read More