District Digest: A series of unfortunate events

This belated edition of District Digest (courtesy of crashed computer) includes a new kind of flash mob, foul play, more Council member corruptions, a bad birthday, and a terrible restaurant experience. Flash mobs of crime On Saturday, Mayor… Read More

If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be a part of your American Revolution

He never sleeps… Irony and flash mobs collided in an unfortunate way two few weeks ago at the Jefferson Memorial when a small group of twenty-something libertarians decided to commemorate Jefferson’s 265th birthday. They celebrated the agrarian republic-lover… Read More

Hipsters, high-schoolers pummel each other with pillows in Dupont Circle

There may not have been 967 attendees, like Facebook had promised me, but no small number of people showed up today in Dupont Circle to take part in D.C.’s Pillow Fight 2008 (part of World Pillow Fight Day)…. Read More