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Georgetown does pretty well in this year’s college rankings

It’s that time of year again when every college student decides if college rankings are worth bragging about or if they can be dismissed as an imbalanced system that’s actively gamed by some universities. This year, Georgetown’s puts… Read More


Georgetown ranks 28 in Forbes Top Colleges 2014

In this brave new world of arbitrary lists that attempt to give a number to the best academic institutions in the country, Forbes released it’s seventh Annual Colleges Ranking last week. Georgetown comes in at number 28, tucked between… Read More

D.C. no longer in top ten most dangerous cities in America

According to Forbes’ 2012 list of America’s most dangerous cities, which was released last Thursday, Washington, D.C. is no longer among the top ten most dangerous cities in America. The list, which was created by ranking cities with… Read More

Georgetown is ninth most expensive college in the country

With an annual cost of $53,340, Georgetown is the ninth most expensive school in the country, according to Forbes. The rankings, which were compiled using data provided by the Chronicle of Higher Education and Campus Grotto, almost exclusively… Read More

College ranking round-up: Georgetown will leave you penniless

We’re not finished with college rankings yet? Guh. Last week, Forbes reported that Georgetown has the second-most expensive dorms in the country. And what do students get for a measly $12,750? “[A room] in one of four brick… Read More

Forbes ranks Georgetown 106th among American colleges

In August 2008, Forbes joined the college ranking game and dramatically reshuffled the rankings of the ubiquitous U.S. World & News Report with its very different scoring methodology. Georgetown ended up 76th among American colleges on their list, far… Read More