Free Food for All: Food, food, everywhere

Classes are wrapping up, spring is in the air, and finals are just around the corner, but you can always count on free food to be there. And this week, it’s all international. That’s right, iWeek is back… Read More

Free Food for All: Courtly dances and a whole roasted pig

We’re back from break and on the home stretch leading into finals, and free food is here to keep our spirits up. Whether it’s through an unabashed love of A Knight’s Tale or a peculiar inclination for jesters… Read More

Free Food for All: Tacos, tacos, tacos

Thankfully, it’s the last day of classes. Unfortunately, that seriously limits the amount of free food available. Good thing this week’s is stupendous. If you’re hanging around until tomorrow, be sure to have some serious taco cravings or… Read More

Free Food for All: Too sweet to handle

Winter may have decided to make a (hopefully) brief return, but there’s no better way to keep warm but to chow down on some free food. If you had the unfortunate pleasure of living in Darnall Hall your… Read More

Free Food for All: Life, liberty, and the pursuit of Estevez

Spring is upon us, so indulge in a little free food and relaxation to put that spring in your step. If you’ve found you’ve been lacking some Emilio Estevez in your life, stop by the screening of The… Read More

Free Food for All: Leaping Leap Babies!

Spring break is nearly within our grasp, but we may need a little free food in order to survive until then. Today is the day for satisfying your hunger, especially if you happen to be that unlucky individual who… Read More

Free Food for All: Dancing and noshing the night away

The weather might have decided to grace us with a little springtime warmth, and to make it even better, there’s free food. Thursday is the day for free food, with not one but two events to satisfy any cravings… Read More

Free Food for All: Peace and sweets be with you

Valentine’s Day might be behind us, but with Mardi Gras less than a week away let the free food, like the good times, roll. Bring a peaceful quality to your week with the Peace Jamming: Performance and Peace-building… Read More

Free Food for All: High-Brow Chow Down

The excitement, or depression, from the Super Bowl might be wearing off, but there will always be free food to keep your spirits up. Literature and food cravings don’t often go hand in hand, but the Lannan Center… Read More

Free Food for All: Noshing with Jesuits

If you happen to be unaware of the fact that it’s Jesuit Heritage Week, catch up fast before the food passes you by. The week might be devoted to understanding Georgetown’s Catholic and Jesuit heritage, but the free… Read More