Free Food for All: An eclat pretzel and a Jesuit walk into a bar

The cold weather might have decided to take a short vacation this week, but at least, like winter, free food is coming. Start the weekend off right by indulging yourself in decadent chocolate, completely for free! Cocova, near… Read More

Free Food for All: ThinkFAST Gameshow, Ledo Pizza and more

Campus may be back into the swing of classes, but don’t let hunger become routine. Chow down on some free food instead! Ever thought about how international aid, lifesaving medical assistance, and your lunch could go together? This… Read More

Free Food for All: Back to Hunger Edition

After weeks of delicious home cooking over break, only free food and a little booze can cheer up the January blues. Cupcakes may be the ruling food group in D.C., but you’ve probably not heard of the vegan… Read More

Free Food for All: It’s the Finals Countdown

Classes are almost over, finals are around the corner, and while winter might not be in the air, it’s apparent that the semester is drawing to a close, ushered out by free food! Unwind before the last few… Read More

Free Food for All: Thanksgiving Edition

Thanksgiving break is finally here, a much-needed respite from the stress of classes and an interminably long midterm period. For those of you who can’t escape campus for the next few days, free food is here to help…. Read More

Free Food for All: Chocolate without the social guilt

Mired as we are in exams and papers, only the prospect of Thanksgiving break and free food can get us through. Chocolate, in our opinion, should be its own food group, but ever thought about how it could… Read More

Free Food for All: (7) Days of Treats

Halloween is over, so the copious amounts of free candy being doled out have come to an end, but there’s still plenty of free food to go around! It’s Dia de los Muertos, everybody! To celebrate, M.E.Ch.A. de… Read More

Belated Free Food for All: All Hallow’s Noms

Halloween is here, and so are midterms, but there’s always free food to lift your spirits! It being Halloween after all, it’s time for trick or treating! Hop on the Dupont GUTS bus and head over to Embassy… Read More

Free Food for All: Keeping the tradition alive

It’s Homecoming, folks! And while that in itself is delightful news, those of you with an appetite should prepare yourselves for the wondrous quantity of free food available on Traditions Day. On Traditions Day, which occurs this Friday,… Read More

Free Food for All: Is butter a carb?

An Artsy Birthday for All Ever thought that the wonders of the arts could ever go hand in hand with the possibility of free birthday cake? They certainly can, especially at the Artisphere’s Birthday Open House, and entirely… Read More