Free Food for All: Coffeecoffeecoffee!

With midterm season upon us, sometimes even the free food starts to show its more academic side—by turning into freee coffee. For those not in the loop, this Thursday, September 29, is National Coffee Day! To mark this… Read More

Free Food (and booze!) For All: Presidents and chaplains

Well, it looks like the rain is back. Luckily, so is the free food! If the thought of approaching midterms has got you down, then a night of dancing will be the perfect pick-me-up. This Saturday, the Hindu… Read More

Free Food for All: ¡Aye, caramba!

The school year is off and running, but with Leo’s starting to already get old, free food seems to be the only option for gastronomic survival. If your palate for art is as refined as that for cuisine,… Read More

Free Food for All: Bribing the newcomers

With the rain here to stay, the burden of bringing cheer to campus falls on free food. Let the games begin at the IRC’s Opening Ceremony, where the university’s largest international relations club will regale you with their… Read More

Free Food for All: Welcome back, Freshman 15

With the student body fresh from summer, what better time is there to indulge in a little free food as a welcome back to campus? If the desire to satisfy your hunger cravings is as great as your… Read More

Free food for all: Midnight breakfast madness

With the dread of finals looming after today’s final classes, what’s a better distraction from studying than free food? If the thought of summer makes you crave froyo and you’re a little sick of Sweetflow, then perhaps the… Read More

Free Food for All: The home stretch

With a week of classes left before finals set in, it’s time to indulge in as much free food as possible! In preparation for Georgetown Day, treat yourself to a night of massages, yoga, food, and (fitness) drinks…. Read More

Free Food for All: Leaving the nest

With Easter break only a few short days away, Georgetown has turned into a free food desert. But when classes are done, there will be time to explore off-campus to your heart’s, and appetite’s, content. Stop by to… Read More

Free Food For All: There goes the waistline

Chocolate Seder If you feel like now is the best time to admit your passionate love affair with chocolate, then never fear, for the Jewish Chaplaincy and the JSA are hosting a “Chocolate Seder”. Akin to a traditional… Read More

Free food for all: Noms, international style!

In case you were unaware, it’s iWeek! That’s right, it’s an entire week devoted to learning more and celebrating the different cultural identities that make up Georgetown, and it just so happens to bring with it a plethora… Read More