Free For All: Kicking off the summer, affordable-style

Free stuff is great, whether it’s t-shirts of groups we have no intention of joining or left-over GUGS veggie burgers, we’ll take it! Vox is starting off the summer to remind you of the usual free delights you can… Read More

Free for All: Feed your mind

Don’t be dissuaded from heading down to the National Mall once in a while: the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial opening this week on the Tidal Basin is a good bet. In addition to a 30-foot statue… Read More

Free for All: Lift your spirits

Don’t miss the Shakespeare Theatre Company’s annual free performance. This year they’re doing free showings of the Bard’s Julius Caesar starting tomorrow night through September 4. You can enter a ticket lottery or stand outside for the 200… Read More

Free for All: Serenity now!

If you feel like you need a vacation from your summer vacation, here are some free events that will help you chill out. Put your palms together On August 11, from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., the Sri Sri… Read More

Free for All: Over and out

After narrowly averting a crisis, Congress recessed for its summer break. This “Free for All” writer must recess as well. Hopefully the following barrage of free activities and events will provide you with enough consolation to hold you… Read More

Free for All: Virginia ain’t for haters

Virginia really is more than the state where the Rosslyn Metro station lives! Check below for some free activities where you can get your kicks in the Old Dominion State. Comedy central Looking for some inspiration for the… Read More

Free for All: 21+ edition

Drinking to Your Future Tragedy has knocked out not one, but two local favorites. Swarms of nerd-camp-attending high schoolers have taken over campus. House parties are a success if they last until midnight. What is the Georgetown drinking… Read More

Free for All: The silver screen lining

Foreign Films If Gelardin and Netflix just are not doing it for you lately, head on over to the National Gallery of Art’s East Building Auditorium to catch one of the many atypical films showing. Every weekend the… Read More

Free for All: Dove style

Feeling like a beauty pageant contestant? Tired of sweating obscene amounts and murmuring “aum” to try to find inner peace? Genuinely interested in world peace? If any of the above three apply, then boy do we have the… Read More

Free for All: Artsy folk

This Folk Ain’t No Joke The annual Smithsonian Folklife Festival will be kicking off this Thursday, June 30th. The outdoor event takes place on the National Mall through the 4th of July, and then again the 7th through… Read More