Just the Tip: Use protection, son

Dear Connor, Dad? Sincerely, Dad Daddy Dear Dad Daddy, No. Assuming that you’re a Georgetown student, you shouldn’t try to become a father this early in your life. Just because you can do it doesn’t mean that you… Read More

“Undetermined Odor” causes evacuation of Healy and Maguire

An “undetermined odor” spurred fears of a gas leak, according to Firefighter A. A. Trapp. At 11:28 a.m. HOYAlert sent out a text that reported a “possible gas leak” in Maguire, and instructed to “avoid library walk.” HOYAlert… Read More

Automatic, systematic, hydromatic, and out of gas

The Post pulled their best Martin Short impression yesterday, masterfully disguising a ‘whose mommies and daddies pay for gas?’ street poll as news today. The article details the trials and tribulations of inane District teens who are “feeling… Read More