GW lied about having need-blind admissions for years

On Monday, George Washington University student newspaper GW Hatchet reported that GW has misled its applicants for years about its true admissions and financial aid policy. The school claimed to be need-blind but was actually placing students who could… Read More

Attention: You’re attractive and smart

As the unfortunate among us undertake the first round of finals today, it might comfort you to know that at least you’re going to look good while suffering—and no, it’s not all that healthy Leo’s food finally paying… Read More

GW exposed for inflating class ranking of incoming students

Last Thursday, The Washington Post ran an article revealing that George Washington University has been inflating the class rank data of its incoming students, due to a flaw in its reporting system dating back more than a decade. The… Read More

Commencement speakers: a comparison across D.C. universities

Last week, Georgetown announced the commencement speakers for 2012 graduates. The reaction varied from mostly bored to really angry. The Catholic community continues to boil over Sebelius, but our fellow D.C. schools aren’t as lucky to be handed… Read More

George Washington medical professor resigns after apparently not actually teaching classes

If only it were always this easy. Venetia Orcutt, chair of the Department of Physician Assistant Studies and an associate professor at George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, resigned from her post last month after… Read More

GW Law professor challenges legality of Catholic’s same-sex dorms

Back in June, Catholic University President John Garvey announced via an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal that, starting in the Fall 2011 semester, CU students would be living in same-sex dorms. He cited a few statistics about… Read More

Budget concerns at GWU put an end to Collegiate Readership Program

As if we needed yet another sign that print media is on its way out. Yesterday, the GW Hatchet reported that our neighboring George Washington University decided to end its subscription to the Collegiate Readership Program, which supplies… Read More

Princeton Review justifies its existence, ranks colleges

Iiiiiitttt’s that time again: College ranking season is upon us! To kick off the 2012 season of ranking our nation’s finest institutions of higher learning, Georgetown is now America’s No. 2 best college town, according to Princeton Review…. Read More

Let’s compare commencement speakers, shall we?

Last week, Georgetown announced the commencement speakers for the 2011 graduates of its various programs, with reactions falling across the spectrum from happy to tepid to irate. For those of you looking to procrastinate on finals studying for… Read More

Westboro Baptist Church to protest at GW, students organize counter protest

To Georgetown students, George Washington University is a neighboring university and an opponent on the winter battlefield. To the members of the Westboro Baptist Church—a Kansas-based hate mongering extremist group run by Fred Phelps—however, GW brings to mind… Read More