Georgetown Law extends post-grad funding program

Remember how five Georgetown Law Center grads went on NPR‘s “All Things Considered” last summer to commiserate about their employment opportunities? We guess they didn’t know about GULC’s post-grad funding program. As initially reported by Above the Law,… Read More

Georgetown Law students grow mustaches, raise money

November reminds us of three things: Pumpkin pie, turkey, and mustaches. Luckily, we’re not the only ones. A group of Georgetown Law students recently launched Georgetown Facial Challenge, a website that will monitor their participation in Movember, a… Read More

EPA policy chief to resign, return to Georgetown Law

Lisa Heinzerling, the Environmental Protection Agency’s associate policy administrator, will step down at the end of the year and return her teaching position at Georgetown Law. As one of the EPA’s strongest supporters of greenhouse gas regulation, Heinzerling… Read More

Georgetown Law professor to be sworn in as Superior Court judge

Clinical Professor Todd Edelman will be sworn in as a D.C. Superior Court judge this Friday at the Moultrie Courthouse. Last March, President Barack Obama nominated Edelman, who is currently assigned to the Civil Division of the Court,… Read More

GU Law professor wants to ride his bicycle

For many Georgetown Law professors, orientation activities are an easy way to introduce law students to D.C. These activities probably seem familiar to anyone who remembers New Student Orientation: trips to the monuments, visiting Capitol Hill, and those… Read More

GU Law scholar is the man behind the woman behind Eat Pray Love

Imagine your significant other left you. Then turned the story of your relationship’s demise into a best-selling book, which then was adapted as box office hit starring Julia Roberts. You can bet that every middle-aged woman in America… Read More

DeGioia names William Treanor as Dean of Georgetown Law Center

In an e-mail sent to the Georgetown community this afternoon, President John DeGioia announced the appointment of William M. Treanor as the new Dean of the Georgetown Law Center, effective August 16. Treanor has been the Dean of… Read More

GU Law Professor Martin D. Ginsburg passes away at 78

Georgetown University Law Professor Martin D. Ginsburg, who was considered one of the foremost U.S. tax law experts, died on Sunday at age 78. Professor Ginsburg had taught with the GU Law faculty since 1980 when his wife,… Read More

Georgetown Law professor to head oil spill commission

Another Lazarus has been raised; not from the dead this time, but from the Georgetown University Law Center. Richard Lazarus, the Justice William J. Brennan, Jr. Professor of Law and co-director of the Supreme Court Institute, has been… Read More

Grade inflation at Georgetown Law meant to help students

Following a trend in law schools across the country, Georgetown Law faculty adopted a less-taxing grading curve last winter. The revised grading curve, which retroactively applied to the fall 2009 semester, makes it easier for law students to… Read More