You dirty rat: D.C. ranks as third ‘rattiest’ city

Whoever said that mice are nice clearly never had unwelcome rodents lurking in his or her apartment complex. According to a study conducted by Orkin, Washington, D.C. ranks as the third ‘rattiest’ city in the U.S, beaten by… Read More


Voice on the record with President DeGioia

Late last August, Voice Editor-in-Chief Julia Tanaka interviewed Georgetown University President John DeGioia (COL ’79) about his tenure as President of the University and his thoughts on a wide range of issues. DeGioia touched on his vision of Georgetown, the various… Read More


Prefrosh Preview: Campus construction, campus plans, and you

Congratulations, Class of 2018, on your decision to come to Georgetown University, a college campus that is about to have at least three major construction projects that will progress simultaneously! Upon your arrival to the Hilltop, you’ll realize that University… Read More

Olson email suggests impending off-campus party crackdown

Beginning this weekend, SNAP will increase enforcement of existing off-campus party policies through more “proactive patrolling and stopping,” GUSA President Clara Gustafson (SFS ’13) wrote in an email to Vox. Gustafson sits on the Georgetown-Community Partnership steering committee, which plays a… Read More

Lace up your walkin’ shoes, Walking Town D.C. returns to Georgetown

If you happen to notice a hoards of people walking in groups through Georgetown this weekend, don’t be alarmed—you’re witnessing one of D.C.’s biggest fitness-friendly annual events, the cleverly-titled WalkingTown D.C., and slightly less clever BikingTown D.C. Hosted… Read More

Georgetowner shows you how to stalk famous old people

Ever wonder where Nancy Pelosi lives when she’s in D.C.? How about Politico owner Robert Allbritton? Neither did we. Earlier this month, the Georgetowner magazine released it’s annual “Who lives here?” guide to Georgetown’s most notable residents. The… Read More

Georgetown’s only competitive ANC race loses a candidate

It’s kind of a big deal that Jeff Jones and Michael Savage both filed to run for a seat on Georgetown’s Advisory Neighborhood Commission. Was a big deal, that is. The contested election, which would have been Georgetown’s… Read More

Cobblestone reconstruction to begin in November

Georgetown’s old-time, cobblestone streets are about to get a makeover. According to DCmud, who spoke with a DDOT official familiar with the project, the D.C. government will begin to rebuild O and P Streets in “early November.” Last… Read More

BREAKING: Campus plan criticized by CAG, BCA

In what may be the summer’s most astounding news, The Georgetowner has printed a joint op-ed from the Burleith Citizens Association, the Citizens Association of Georgetown, the Foxhall Community Citizens Association, the Glover Park Citizens Association, and the… Read More

Philly Pizza makes its bid to reopen to DCRA

If I were a betting blogger, I’d say that the city probably won’t let Mehmet Kocak reopen Philly Pizza. Call it superstition, but when your entire neighborhood is organized against you, the mayor’s attorney compares you to a… Read More