Georgetown student launches ebook on startup success

While most of you were busy catching up on your beauty sleep this past winter break, Rahul Desai (MBS ’17), the CEO and co-founder of Trendify, was hard at work writing The First 30%. This 120-page ebook, which… Read More


Meet the produce-loving masterminds behind Misfit Juicery

Yesterday, Vox interviewed Philip Wong (SFS ’15) and Ann Yang (SFS ’15) to learn more about Misfit Juicery: the new Georgetown startup that has been “fighting produce prejudice since 2014.” Although it just launched this past month, Misfit Juicery… Read More


Georgetown grads start philanthropic apparel company

Recent Georgetown graduates Zack Schwab (COL ’11) and Calvin Andrews (MSB ’11) have launched Givons, a start-up that promises well-made Oxford shirts with a philanthropic edge. The socially-responsible e-commerce apparel company donates one shirt to charity for every two shirts purchased,… Read More

Georgetown startup, Encore Alert, raises $390,000 in investment seed round

The social media monitoring service Encore Alert, co-founded by two Georgetown students, announced March 17 that they raised $390,000 from an investment seed round. The startup’s software monitors Twitter and sends out alerts when client’s brands are mentioned,… Read More