GWU students dismay Georgetown residents, too

Residents of East Georgetown typically don’t partake in Georgetown student-bashing or get involved in the major campaigns against University expansion in any form. They’re just too far away from our noise, trash, and general aura to care. But… Read More

CAG president announces “Save Our Neighborhood” campaign against Georgetown’s 2010 Campus Plan

We’ve been speculating about whether or not the 2010 Campus Plan would be hampered by the kind of neighborhood opposition that beset the 2000 Campus Plan. We can stop wondering now. Georgetown alum and CAG President Jennifer Altemus… Read More

Snowlycow, another Snowpocalypse! A rundown of Georgetown in the snow

Flurries have been falling intermittently for the past hour, which means round two of this monstrous snow storm has officially begun. Current National Weather Service predictions for the next 24 hours are 7″-14″. We’re not going to make… Read More

Student-heavy Georgetown for Haiti pulls in upwards of $12,000

Georgetown for Haiti, last Friday’s fundraising event for Doctors Without Borders, sounds like a big success. The event, which was co-sponsored by dozens of local businesses and catered by Georgetown favorites like SweetGreen and Rugby, was well-attended—particularly by… Read More

“Punks” with skateboards deface Saxby’s

A resident at 35th & O St noticed this graffiti on the exterior of Saxby’s earlier this week. On a georgetownforum listserv e-mail, e said he saw “punks outside the neighborhood” have been hanging out near the coffee… Read More

Student complaints about vermin drop sharply, Facilities says

Not in my backyard This semester, Georgetown students and residents alike complained loudly about rats and mice invading the neighborhood. In the Georgetown University Student Association Senate, Arman Ismail (COL ‘11—Reynolds) led efforts to mollify what he called… Read More

Safeway construction makes progress, annoys neighbors

You’ve come a long way, baby The Wisconsin Ave. Safeway has been closed for about a month and a half and construction has started in earnest. Unsurprisingly, it’s already started to irk the neighbors. On the GeorgetownForum listerv,… Read More

Dear seniors: Your silly little graduation is inconveniencing the neighbors!

Most people see graduations as joyful, special occasions. Not our neighbor, Matthew Donahue, though. In response to an announcement of transportation recommendations for grads and their guests on the GeorgetownForum listerv, which included information about which streets would… Read More

Georgetownforum has delicate eyes

Georgetown’s neighborhood listserv, georgetownforum, is generally pretty dull: most of the messages are requests for plumber recommendations or notices about boring university events. Every so often, though, they’ll come out with a spectacular gem of unfounded cantankerousness that… Read More