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Comments of the Week: Missing hands and heartfelt hashtags

Last week, Vox procrastinated studying for her finals by consuming large quantities of caffeinated beverages at a variety of study spots, witnessed a successful heist of the Healy clock hands, and watched a video featuring Georgetown athletes that was… Read More


Prefrosh Preview: Breaking the Georgetown Bubble

Georgetown students have certainly earned their reputation as the most prestigious and preppiest in the city. Unfortunately, we are also known for being the least city-savvy. (Vox has even overheard Georgetown seniors confess that after three years in… Read More

Frosh Preview: #GeorgetownProblems

First off, we’d like to give an official¬†Vox Populi¬†welcome to the Class of 2016, for officially graduating from “pre-frosh” to bona fide freshmen. As you begin your career on the Hilltop, you’re going to notice that, although your… Read More