This Week in the Voice: GERMS celebrates their 30th anniversary

In this week’s feature, Julia Jester delves into the world of GERMS, relaying a night spent with the on-duty GERMS crew members, and discusses the benefits the organization bring to the students who participate and the University. “GERMS… Read More

Man falls 15 feet into Yates vent shaft

Update (Tuesday, 3:00 p.m.): The Office of Communication issued an update on the employee’s condition. “He sustained serious but not life threatening, injuries, is in stable condition and conscious. He has family with him at the hospital.” Update… Read More

Breaking: Graduate student dies in Yates Field House

Today, at 5:41 p.m., Todd Olson, Vice President of Student Affairs sent a campus-wide email, here below, saying that 28-year old doctoral student Evan North had died in Yates Field House last night. In an email from Colin Brody… Read More

GERMS dedicates new ambulance

Members of the Georgetown Emergency Response Medical Service, GERMS alumni, students, and administrators took part in a dedication of Unit 9. Unit 9, the newest and largest ambulance in GERMS’ fleet, features a number of new features that… Read More

D.C. Health Department asks GERMS to report Four Loko cases

Growing opposition from medical and academic communities may threaten the continued production of Four Loko, a hyper-caffeinated malt liquor dubbed “blackout in a can.” The main concern? The mix of caffeine and alcohol causes heavier, longer periods of… Read More

University administrators respond to Saturday’s DMT arrests

In a meeting with campus media this evening, Todd Olson, university vice president of student affairs, and Julie Green Batialle, university spokesperson, revealed more details surrounding the DMT arrests in Harbin Hall last Saturday. “The fact is it… Read More

This week in the Voice: College, the first generation

This week’s in Features, Nico Dodd and Sean Quigley profile first-generation college students and how they transition to Georgetown. “About eight percent of this year’s freshman class, approximately 120 students, are first-generation college students,” they write. “They come… Read More

Samples from the ‘Men of GERMS’ Calendar

Get the flash player here: … Or should we say, sexy samples? OK, bad joke. In any event, that’s a slideshow of a few pages from the 2010 – 2011 ‘Men of GERMS’ Calendar, the gem of… Read More

H1N1 cases at Georgetown drop after September peak

Students wait in line for the H1N1 vaccine on Friday When we reported on H1N1 cases at Georgetown in late September, the virus had infected about 250 students and the number of cases was rising precipitously every day…. Read More

GWU has GERMS envy

While our friends in Foggy Bottom may be outdoing us in terms of programming  boards and on-campus comedians, there’s one thing they’re still envious of us about: GERMS. The GW equivalent of GERMS is a “the Emergency Medical… Read More