Twuesday Tweetacular: Madness? This is Snooki!

If you’re feeling pessimistic about Georgetown’s chances against Belmont Friday, try out Voice staffer Emma Forster‘s concept for a March Madness pool. Brittany Wade‘s observation highlights the internal social class dilemma haunting Glover Park bachelors. Well, that basement apartment may… Read More

Public Safety Alert: Armed Robbery on 41st Street in Glover Park

At approximately 8:20 p.m. last night, a Georgetown graduate student was robbed on 41st Street between Calvert and Davis Streets in Glover Park, according to a Department of Public Safety alert. While the student was walking home on… Read More

ANC Wrap-up: Roadway improvements for pedestrian safety? I suppose I’ll allow it

This month’s edition of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E came with a visit from the ANC’s northerly neighbors. ANC3B and friends traveled all the way from Glover Park to defend their plan to revamp a segment of Wisconsin Avenue north of Safeway. On… Read More

Bike clinic in Glover Park offering free tune-ups

Got a bike that needs fixing up? Thinking about buying a cheap bike that needs a little TLC? Save yourself a wad of cash by taking advantage of the free bicycle clinic at the Glover Park farmer’s market…. Read More