GOCards now linked to PNC Bank to function as debit card

Yesterday, the GOCard office announced a new partnership with PNC Bank, allowing students to link their PNC bank accounts with their GoCards. This change will turn GoCards into PIN-based debit cards. Students will now be able to use… Read More

GoCard machine stolen from Henle laundry room

A GoCard machine used for operating laundry facilities in Henle Village was stolen between midnight and 9 a.m. on Tuesday.  Denise Fung, area coordinator for Henle, emailed residents on Wednesday informing them that the community will likely be… Read More

Public Safety enacts stricter GOCard swiping policy

Remember how you used to stroll into a dorm, leisurely swiping your GOCard? Well, forget it. A new public safety policy will require guards to take residents’ GOCards, examine their photographs, and swipe their cards for them. The… Read More

The GoCard gets a make-under

The GoCard Office recently announced that they will be changing the look of the Georgetown ID card this year.  So what’s the new design? Pretty bland.  Apparently the big advantage of the new version is the colored band… Read More

A new GOCard is expensive–here’s why

A new GOCard costs $25, which seems especially steep when you consider that students often lose their GOCards because of some calamity like losing their backpack or being mugged. Just when you’ve cancelled your credit cards and paid… Read More