SaxaNet, Georgetown Google services face serious slowdown

Vox offers his deepest apologies if you tried loading this web page while using SaxaNet. Not only does Vox run a little on the slow side, but Georgetown’s on-campus WiFi network and Google services have suffered significant speed reduction… Read More

Take a virtual tour of Georgetown on Google Street View

Now, you can get a campus tour of a campus tour. Tourception! Last week, Georgetown University promoted the fact that you can now view its main campus using Google Maps‘ street view feature on its Facebook page. Admire the… Read More

Don’t ask Google, ask Jack Stuef (COL ’10) in his new advice column

Ever sat down at your friend’s computer, began to type “why” in the search engine, and found Google completing a question you didn’t exactly expect but are happy to know the answer to: “does some poop float and… Read More

Georgetown to convert Hoyamail to Google Apps in August

On August 12, all student and faculty Hoyamail accounts will transition to adopt Google Apps. William R. Anderson, Associate Director of University Information Services, announced this information to the student body on Thursday in an email. Hoyamail is currently… Read More

MSB finally gets Gmail—and it’s way nicer than everyone else’s

A year after the other schools jumped on the Gmail bandwagon, the McDonough School of Business is making the switch to Google-provided email. And, in the long tradition of MSBers getting way nicer stuff than everyone else, their… Read More

WMATA giving Google Transit the high hat

Center for American Progress blogger Matt Yglesias noticed today that WMATA is refusing to provide information for Google Map’s new Transit feature. The free service allows users to plan trips using public transit schedules and actually see their… Read More

DC government switches to Google too

Great minds think alike. Response to yesterday’s news about Georgetown Gmail has been generally positive. What does everyone think? While it’s good of the school to offer a way to opt out of the Google machine, the choice–Gmail… Read More

George Washington will be feeling lucky after Gmail switch

So, the overpriced Robin Williams show and the new mascot were both a little lame. Still, something tells me our friends over in Foggy Bottom will be all right–GW is switching its student email service to Gmail in… Read More