Vox Talks: Georgetown Day 2011

The Georgetown Hoyas drinking game for NCAA March Madness 2010

The Georgetown Hoyas are scheduled to play Ohio tomorrow night at 7:25 sharp for their inaugural NCAA Tournament game. They’re ready to go. The Bobcats are going down. What’s left for you to do, besides order more Wingo’s… Read More

Monroe and Freeman named to All-Big East Teams

Georgetown closed out the regular season with a 74-47 rout of Cincinnati yesterday and starts the postseason in the Big East Tournament on Wednesday. But before moving onto what head coach John Thompson III called ‘phase two’ of the… Read More

No Monroe, no problem: Tombs win Kenner Summer League

The one thing you can always expect from Kenner League games is that something unexpected is going to happen—games aren’t likely to start on time and you have no idea who is going to be playing until you… Read More

Kenner Summer League: Monroe lays down the doctrine

When I said Georgetown’s two freshmen big men, Greg Monroe and Henry Sims on The Tombs team, would improve throughout Summer League and pre-season play, I meant it. I just didn’t realize they’d improve so fast. The two… Read More

Midnight Madness: More than just a dance party this year

You thought Midnight Madness was all for show, but the Hoyas will already be playing for keeps next Friday. Top-rated prospect Greg “The Doctrine” Monroe will be in attendance for the annual celebration that marks the first minute… Read More