District to appeal court decision ending concealed carry ban

The District attorney general’s office is not going quietly with the July ruling that deemed D.C.’s total ban on guns in public unconstitutional because of the Second Amendment. For the first time since the ruling, Attorney GeneralĀ Irv Nathan… Read More


Court ruling keeps D.C. handgun free for 90 more days

Yesterday, a federal judge granted a 90-day stay on a ruling which overturned D.C.’s ban on handguns in public. The next 90 days will hopefully give District officials the time they need to decide whether to pursue an… Read More

Georgetown ANC Wrapup: Hydrant woes and apples to Apple Stores

In the first of what will be regular ANC 2E wrapups, we’re proud to bring you the events of last night’s ANC meeting. (But between Issue Rundowns, GUSA Roundups, and ANC Wrapups, it grieves me to report that… Read More

Georgetown, get your gun store

Thanks to the legislative aftermath of District of Columbia v. Heller, the D.C. Zoning Commission is allowing gun shops to open within the District. So where will they set up shop? Maybe Georgetown, says DCist. Due to zoning… Read More

Van Slyke bought semi-automatic rifles at Ole Miss, too

At the University of Texas, Georgetown new Director of Public Safety bought 10 semi-automatic AR-15 rifles (in action here), and justified them by referring to a sniper attack 40 years ago. The guns are one of my favorite… Read More

George Washington U police might get guns

Everyone’s got Van Slyke fever, and the only cure is more handguns. GW now has a task force looking into whether to give its police force handguns, and the kids don’t like it. Now’s a good time to… Read More

Jeffrey Van Slyke’s favorite toys

Here are the guns he bought for UT, according to this report from a public records request. A shotgun, for when pro-choice students plan peaceful protests I kid you not, Georgetown

DC gun purchases will remain difficult

You can buy a hat, you can buy a rat, but you still can’t buy a gat in the District, no matter what the Supreme Court says about the gun ban. The Wall Street Journal says DC will… Read More

Scalia on DC gun ban: Bullet wounds will stop your buffoonery

Supreme Court strikes down Washington’s handgun ban. Sad stuff for DC, but how much gun crime did the gun ban deter, considering that Maryland and Virginia gun stores are only a Metro train away? It was probably more… Read More

The Supreme Court reads the Voice … maybe.

The Supreme Court announced today that it will consider a challenge to Washington, D.C.’s strict gun ban laws, marking the first time the Court will consider the basic meaning of the 2nd Amendment. We’re glad the court took… Read More