Nate Tisa and Adam Ramadan sworn in as new GUSA executives

On Saturday evening, in Healy Hall, GUSA executives-elect Nate Tisa (SFS ’14) and Adam Ramadan (SFS ’14) took their oaths of office and officially became the new leaders of student government. Outgoing GUSA President Clara Gustafson (SFS ’13) swore… Read More

Breaking: Nate Tisa and Adam Ramadan win GUSA executive election

In a nailbiter of an election, with 3733 votes cast, Nate Tisa (SFS ’14) and Adam Ramadan (SFS ’14) have been declared the winners of the 2013 GUSA executive election. Jack Appelbaum (COL ’14) and Maggie Cleary (COL… Read More

Watch the GUSA election results come in live on Vox!

Tweets by @GUSAElections This year, the GUSA election commission will be announcing the executive election results round-by-round of each instant runoff on their twitter page spaced a few minutes apart. Their tweets will appear above. Voting ends at midnight… Read More

In the interest of civil discourse, the candidates’ final pitches to voters

The two weeks-long GUSA campaign ended on a sour note today with a lot of rumors and misinformation circulating regarding membership in secret societies. In trying to take the campaign back to the issues, Vox asked each campaign… Read More

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose: Vox‘s final GUSA pre-election analysis

After two grueling weeks of campaigning, two debates, endless endorsements, and too many Harlem Shakes videos, it’s about time to vote. The Election Commission is minutes away from sending the University-wide email instructing students to cast their ballots… Read More

Well, in other news: Nate and Adam win Vox’s straw poll by a commanding margin

Late last week, Vox asked its readers to vote in our annual GUSA executive election straw poll. This year, like last year, the winner of Vox‘s straw poll aligned with the Voice‘s endorsement in Nate Tisa (SFS ’14)… Read More

Vote in Vox‘s straw poll: Will today’s Stewards news affect your vote?

Vox is kind of ashamed to post this, but I have to admit that I’m interested. Voting for the GUSA election could start at anytime this afternoon or evening and will last at least 24 hours. Coming off… Read More

Anonymous tipster reveals identities of several members of the Stewards

Update, 4:05 pm: In an email statement to Vox, GUSA vice presidential candidate Adam Ramadan (SFS’ 14) admitted to being a member of an undisclosed secret society at Georgetown that is unaffiliated with the Second Society of Stewards… Read More

Advocacy, partnerships, jargon, synergy: GUSA presidential debate recap

Last night, the five candidates for the GUSA presidency came together in the Leavey Program Room to discuss their platforms and what they perceive to be their unique role in serving the student body. The highlights included discussions… Read More

Who’s supporting whom: GUSA election endorsement rundown

Many students have no doubt attempted to block all mention of GUSA from their mind, from being quiet when someone knocks on the door to keeping one’s head down walking through Red Square. But with the approach of… Read More