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New Student Activity Fee budget funds storage space for unrecognized student groups

On Sunday March 22, the GUSA Senate voted unanimously in support of the Student Activity Fee budget allocations to determine the financial fate of student groups on campus for the 2016 fiscal year. The budget also provides for… Read More

GUSA calls on University to clarify RA role, better support RAs

Yesterday, the GUSA Senate passed a resolution calling on the University to clarify the resident assistant role and do more to support RAs, including creating a safer work environment for them. The resolution follows last week’s Voice online exclusive,… Read More

GUSA Senate meets to meet, enjoys sunny weather

Sunday was a bright and breezy day, so the GUSA Senate decided to take its weekly outside and meet next to John Carroll, who must have been nearly as important as they are because there’s a statue of… Read More

GUSA Constitutional Council rules Greco is senate speaker

At a hearing held on Saturday night, the GUSA Constitutional Council ruled that the Jan. 12 senate speaker confirmation vote was unlawful and that, as a result of George Spyropoulos‘ (COL ’14) resignation, Sam Greco (SFS ’15) is the true senate speaker…. Read More

The much-anticipated referendum and unofficial GUSA Senate election results

The Georgetown student body has spoken loud and clear. The results of the referendum indicate that 93.27 percent of 2966 voters were against the creation of a Satellite Campus. In case if you have been living under a… Read More

GUSA election results: Meet your representatives

The results are in from this year’s GUSA senate election. The election and referendum saw the largest student voter turnout in recent history, as well as a large number of candidates in some districts. Representing Village A are… Read More

GUSA Roundup: New year, same senate

Yesterday’s meeting of the Georgetown University Student Association senate found itself preparing for several big issues of the upcoming semester, including the endowment referendum, the student life report, and the executive election. Poll-dancing The senate passed an act… Read More

GUSA Roundup: “Let’s remind everyone that the consitution mandates equal representation.”

In this week’s edition of the Georgetown University Student Association Senate, the senators had some fun with democracy, and came dangerously close to acting like ANC2E. Equal representation, schmequal schmepresentation Last night, the ad hoc committee in charge… Read More

GUSA Roundup: Discretionary budgets created for three committees

Time for some pizza parties On Sunday, the GUSA Senate voted to create budgets for the Student Life, Community-Building and Outreach, and Academic Affairs Committees to draw small amounts of money from without going to the Finance and… Read More

GUSA Roundup: New kids on the block

The Georgetown University Student Association Senate elected senators for internal leadership positions during this week’s meeting; next week, the body will begin to debate legislation. The new leadership includes Speaker of the Senate Adam Mortillaro (COL ’12), Vice-Speaker… Read More