GUSA roundup

Luther and Rohan’s Cabinet aims to bring some new blood to GUSA

On Sunday, the GUSA Senate confirmed a new Cabinet chosen by executives Joe Luther (COL ’16) and Connor Rohan (COL ’16). As they pledged to bring new blood to GUSA through a meticulous application process, the new Cabinet… Read More

GUSA roundup

GUSA passes legislation to promote inclusiveness in student organizations

On Sunday evening, the GUSA Senate overwhelmingly voted to pass a legislative measure that will encourage Georgetown’s on-campus student organizations to have more inclusive admissions policies, specifically for upperclassmen and transfers. Currently, some student organizations either do not… Read More


GUSA takes stock of on-campus smoking policies

Earlier this March, the GUSA Freshmen Executive Committee created a feedback forum concerning Georgetown’s on-campus smoking policies. The forum, combined with the results a student survey, may encourage GUSA to support the enforcement of stricter smoking rules on… Read More


GUSA inauguration marks new era of the Funny Guys

Joe Luther (COL ’15) and Connor Rohan (COL ’15) were sworn in as the new executives of GUSA on Saturday afternoon. To a small gathering of GUSA members, family, friends, and beautiful press, they gave brief speeches and… Read More

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GUSA report and petition regarding 2018 Campus Plan calls for student mobilization

On Wednesday, the GUSA Campus Plan Subcommittee released a detailed report on the impacts of the 2010 Campus Plan on the Georgetown student body. This report encourages proactive student engagement in the collaboration process for the upcoming 2018… Read More


On the Record with Joe and Connor: Post-GUSA Madness

Now that the tumult of the GUSA Executive Elections has concluded, it appears that the peaceful transfer of power from outgoing President Trevor Tezel (SFS ’15) and Vice President Omika Jikaria (SFS ’15) to incoming President Joe Luther… Read More

GUSA blingee

If I were GUSA President…

To help you procrastinate even more for your midterms, Vox presents the second-ever “If I were GUSA President”. Every week, she will take submissions from her readers, comment on their hypothetical platforms, and evaluate them with a letter… Read More

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GUSA and Office of Residential Living create survey aimed at improving housing

The GUSA Senate Subcommittee on Residential Living has joined forces with administrators in the Office of Residential Living (ORL) to create a survey aimed at addressing the needs of students living in on-campus housing. Daniel Lysak (COL ’18)… Read More


Cultural Board Working Group hosts dinner to increase engagement

This Tuesday evening, the Cultural Board Working Group hosted a public dinner and conversation in the HSFC Social Room to discuss the state of participation and collaboration for cultural groups. Vox reached out to Omika Jikaria (SFS ’15),… Read More

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GUSA announces support of Disability Cultural Center

On Monday, GUSA announced its support of the creation of a Disability Cultural Center (DCC) at Georgetown. Lydia Brown (COL ’15), the GUSA Undersecretary for Disability Affairs, has circulated a petition to garner student support for a center… Read More