GUSA Roundup: To infinity and beyond, or at least, to the Law Center

The inbetween of post-midterm-pre-final days did not leave the fearless GUSA Senate sluggish. The short, productive meeting passed three bills unanimously, including one to increase GUTS service. Senator Seamus Guerin (COL ’16) introduced the first bill of the… Read More

New mobile app will allow students to track GUTS buses in real time

Just when we were beginning to get over our excitement about the GUTS buses running late on weekend nights, we have something new to look forward to: a new mobile app that will allow commuters to track GUTS shuttles… Read More

Student creates GUTS schedule app

Tired of not knowing when the next Georgetown University Transportation Shuttle bus is coming? If so, you might be in luck–if you have an Android phone. Chris Cronbaugh (COL ’12) recently created Next GUTS, a Droid app that… Read More

GUSA votes to continue funding weekend GUTS buses

Last Sunday, members of the Georgetown University Student Association decided to bail out a quickly depleting account that funds weekend service of Georgetown University Transit Shuttles. During the April 26 meeting, GUSA senators disclosed that the funds were… Read More

Angert outlines GUSA’s plans for this semester

Calen Angert and his executive office have an ambitious list of goals for what could be their final months in office. Noting how little time he has left in his term before elections take place in February, Angert… Read More