GWU to allow students to use their meal plan dollars at local food trucks

D.C.’s food truck craze is in full swing. At George Washington University several food trucks line up on H Street every day to serve paninis, pizza, macaroni and cheese, and kabobs to students and passersby alike. The Hatchet… Read More

Amendments to sexual harassment policy at GW spark debate

On Monday, the GW Hatchet announced that the University will launch a new website called “HAVEN” next spring with a breakdown of the new sexual harassment policy as well as any relevant information or resources for students. The new sexual… Read More

Bedbugs found at George Washington dorm

George Washington University finally beat Georgetown. At getting infested with bedbugs. Five residence halls on GW’s campus have reported infestations this semester, resulting in six confirmed cases of an infestation. According to the GW Hatchet, four of these… Read More

GW students organize fundraiser to counter Westboro Baptist Church

Our friends in Foggy Bottom aren’t too happy about the Westboro Baptist Church’s protest next month. While one student group has already organized a counter-protest, GW freshman Daniel Wein and junior Daniel Reade decided to act differently. Wein… Read More

Westboro Baptist Church to protest at GW, students organize counter protest

To Georgetown students, George Washington University is a neighboring university and an opponent on the winter battlefield. To the members of the Westboro Baptist Church—a Kansas-based hate mongering extremist group run by Fred Phelps—however, GW brings to mind… Read More

GW tightens alcohol policy, enforces party registration

The George Washington University is cracking down on large parties. After a number Greek-life groups held unregistered parties on campus, the University began to place heavy sanctions on non-compliant organizations. According to the GW Hatchet, the requirement was… Read More

GW to new students: Clean your room or no dessert!

For incoming George Washington University freshmen, justifying the decision to choose GW got a little bit harder. University officials announced that freshmen will no longer enjoy housekeeping services—ranging from vacuuming to bathroom cleaning—in their residence halls. The director… Read More