GW students organize fundraiser to counter Westboro Baptist Church

Our friends in Foggy Bottom aren’t too happy about the Westboro Baptist Church’s protest next month. While one student group has already organized a counter-protest, GW freshman Daniel Wein and junior Daniel Reade decided to act differently. Wein… Read More

Westboro Baptist Church to protest at GW, students organize counter protest

To Georgetown students, George Washington University is a neighboring university and an opponent on the winter battlefield. To the members of the Westboro Baptist Church—a Kansas-based hate mongering extremist group run by Fred Phelps—however, GW brings to mind… Read More

“I’m a great big man! Pass the tofurkey,” says GW Patriot

The conservative writers over at The GW Patriot aren’t so bad–more David Brooks than Michael Savage, they know waterboarding’s torture. Plus, when one of them eats a vegan cinnamon bun and discovers to his horror that he likes… Read More