H8r @$$ reviews: Sweetlife Festival 2011

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer Ever since Sweetgreen announced in March that they would be hosting the Sweetlife Festival, I was curious about how the salad restaurant chain would pull it off. And despite the rainy weather… Read More

Let Freedom Ring 2011 features Patti LaBelle

Yesterday, a line wrapped all the way around the Kennedy Center for free tickets to 2011’s Let Freedom Ring Celebration, a yearly concert presented by the Kennedy Center and Georgetown University celebrating the legacy of Martin Luther King,… Read More

H8R @$$ Review: George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic

Thanks to my parents, George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic was the soundtrack of my childhood. You might not know P-Funk by name, but you’ve probably  heard two of their 70’s funk hits. This Saturday, 9:30 Club hosted the… Read More

H8er @$$ concert review: Lupe Fiasco

On Saturday night, Lupe Fiasco performed for a few thousand costume-clad students in McDonough parking lot. The chilly Halloween night was the backdrop for an odd show—and I loved it. Lupe has recently mixed rock influences into his… Read More

H8r @$$ review: Wale, More About Nothing

Anticipation and speculation ran amok in the Twitterverse when Wale (@wale) announced the upcoming release of More About Nothing, the sequel to 2008’s The Mixtape About Nothing. #moreaboutnothing even landed as a trending topic when it came out… Read More

H8r @$$ reviews: Best Coast, Crazy For You

Best Coast crashed onto the scene in 2009, with a flurry of singles and EPs that lulled us to recall 60s girl groups like the Shangri-Las. Luckily, the group’s debut album, Crazy For You, keeps riding that great… Read More

H8r @$$ reviews: Rick Ross, Teflon Don

The Bawse is back. Since his hit single “Hustlin’” came out in 2006, Rick Ross‘ iconic shades and beard have undeniably affected hip-hop. Teflon Don, his latest release, stands on three legs: Ross’ image, the album’s impressive production… Read More

H8r @$$ concert review: We are scientists desperate

As a bonus h8r @$$ review, Nico Dodd trekked out to the Black Cat last night to see We Are Scientists perform. When my friend and I showed up at the Black Cat last night, we immediately noticed… Read More

H8r @$$ reviews: M.I.A.’s MAYA

M.I.A. has gone from culture-clash to cluster-fuck. I knew what I was getting into when I put on my headphones this week. The drive to my summer internship is about an hour—just long enough to get in a… Read More

H8r @$$ reviews: Wolf Parade’s Expo 86

After our last foray into music criticism, commenter “JohnWall” inspired us to rename “Vox Beats.” It feels like an eternity since Apologies to the Queen Mary came out all the way back in 2005, but after a sophomore… Read More