Haiku contest results: Everybody wins! Some just win better.

Our latest contest reaffirmed that Georgetown has its fair share of wordsmiths. Okay, maybe not—but they can sure count syllables really well! We’ve included some of our favorites below. “Chad Kroeger” delivered the funny, but we doubt he… Read More

Haiku time! Write a basketball poem, win tickets to Enter the Void

To celebrate the impending start to Georgetown basketball, we’re throwing another haiku contest! You know the drill: Submit your best Georgetown basketball-related haiku in the comments, then we’ll pick two favorites on Friday before the men’s team tips… Read More

The winners of the Homecoming haiku contest

We learned two things about Vox readers this weekend: They have a knack for Japanese poetry, and they really, really like free stuff. Although it was hard to choose, here are our five favorite Homecoming-themed haikus. “BS” impressed… Read More

Write a Homecoming haiku, win tickets to see Freakonomics

Vox has a bundle of tickets for an advance screening of Freakonomics, a documentary adaptation of the best-selling book, that we want to give to our readers. So, we stole one of New York Magazine‘s recurring gimmicks: the… Read More

The winners of Vox‘s haiku contest

Readers sent some awesome submissions to yesterday’s Georgetown-themes haiku contest. Here are the two winners. The first is by Not Jason Clark: “Money goes to Towne Appetite goes to Wisey’s No cash left for films” And the second… Read More

Vox haiku contest!: Win two free tickets to She’s Out of My League

Vox scored two sets of two free tickets to a pre-screening of the rom-com She’s Out of My League, which doesn’t hit theaters until March 12, that we want to give away to you, dear readers. And to… Read More