This week in the Voice: College, the first generation

This week’s in Features, Nico Dodd and Sean Quigley profile first-generation college students and how they transition to Georgetown. “About eight percent of this year’s freshman class, approximately 120 students, are first-generation college students,” they write. “They come… Read More

Rhee says that for now, Duke Ellington will stay on Reservoir Road

Ever since the Washington Post reported that D.C. School Chancellor Michelle Rhee’s office did a cost analysis for moving the Duke Ellington School of the Arts, Rhee has been inundated with phone calls and e-mails from furious parents…. Read More

Principal Pope of Hardy Middle School ousted by Rhee

On Friday afternoon at Georgetown’s Hardy Middle School, D.C. Chancellor Michelle Rhee proved speculations that she would remove the well-liked Principal Patrick Pope from his post to be correct. The Washington Post‘s Bill Turque reported that before a roomful… Read More

Rhee to make “major announcement” about Georgetown school, meet with parents

Hardy Middle School Michelle Rhee, the gung-ho, tenure-terminating, union-hated D.C. school chancellor, has more or less left schools in the Georgetown neighborhood alone. In October, however, a Northwest Current article reported that she planned to make a “major… Read More

ANC Wrap-up: ANC Commissioners to testify against Philly P; Parking woes

They’re still not OK with this This month’s ANC meeting was low on the fireworks, but neighbors turned out to protest valet parking by the Georgetown Club and continue their battle against late night pizza. Philly Pizza Philly… Read More

Farmers’ market faceoff: Rose Park v. Hardy School

Produce stands at the new Hardy School farmers’ market Until this year, Georgetown farmers’ market aficionados only had one option: the Wednesday afternoon market at Rose Park. This summer, though, the Burleith and Glover Park Citizens Associations teamed… Read More