Slur written on the door of the LGBTQ Center

A campus-wide e-mail was just sent out regarding the recent bias-related assaults and announced that today there was another anti-gay hate crime: a slur was written on the door of the LGBTQ Center. According to the e-mail: As… Read More

GUSA Roundup: Special elections spectacular

Tracy Flick for GUSA Senate! SPECIAL ELECTION RESULTS: The election commission ran a successful special election that culminated in the election of the following senators: Townhouses: Matthew Ginsberg with 35 votes Harbin 6-9: Clara Gustafson with 46 votes… Read More

Students organize flash protest against recent anti-gay hate crimes

Get the flash player here: About 70 students met in Red Square this afternoon for a flash protest against the recent anti-gay hate crimes. The rally was organized by Carter Lavin (SFS ’10), a supporter of LGBTQ… Read More

Bias Related Assault at 36th and N Streets

Early this morning a student was assaulted at 36th and N Streets by an unknown male after being asked repeatedly “Are you a homo?” according to a DPS Public Safety Alert. According to the PSA: On November 1,… Read More

Hate-motivated assault Tuesday night

According to a Public Safety Alert sent out tonight, a female Georgetown student was assaulted Tuesday based on a pro-gay rights shirt she was wearing: On Wednesday, October 28, 2009 at approximately 5:44 p.m., a student reported to… Read More

GUSA Roundup: Learning to loathe your landlord

GUSA, protecting students from tyranical landlords RATE MY LANDLORD?: During the Executive Briefing, GUSA Vice President Jason Kluger (MSB ’11) announced that  the executive wants to tackle the “lack of readily available information” about off-campus student housing. He… Read More

Prefrosh Preview: News you can use

This week Vox figured we’d give you some sense of institutional history by presenting a primer of the ten most widely-discussed campus news stories from the past couple years. 10. GUSA election debacles GUSA Candidates, pre-squabbling Georgetown’s student… Read More

D.C. Court convicts Georgetown Med student’s attacker

The man who attacked a Georgetown Medical student in an October hate crime faces nearly three years imprisonment and possible deportation along with his fellow attacker, the Washington Blade reports. The D.C. Superior Court gave the Sudanese Ruddad… Read More

Three assault student on Harbin Patio

A Department of Public Safety PSA reported that on Tuesday, three males assaulted a student while he was smoking on Harbin Patio. The student, who the assailants struck “across the face several times with a shiny object (possibly… Read More

Suspect pleads guilty in GU med student hate crime

Ruddad Abdulgader, who attacked a Georgetown medical student back in October, pleaded guilty on Wednesday to “felony assault with bias intent” and “possession of a prohibited weapon,” according to an email press release from the United States Attorney’s… Read More