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Comments of the Week: Missing hands and heartfelt hashtags

Last week, Vox procrastinated studying for her finals by consuming large quantities of caffeinated beverages at a variety of study spots, witnessed a successful heist of the Healy clock hands, and watched a video featuring Georgetown athletes that was… Read More


GUPD confirms the Healy clock hands were stolen

In the wee hours of the morning as most Georgetown students were fast asleep (or extremely delirious after pulling an all-nighter in Lau), the hands of the iconic Healy clock tower were found to be missing. Georgetown University… Read More


Father Kevin O’Brien blesses new crosses atop Healy Hall

As tourists flock to the District this summer to see the repaired Washington Monument after the 5.8 magnitude earthquake that rattled the east coast in 2011, the landmark is not the only part of the capital’s skyline that has been revamped… Read More

Comments of the Week: It’s a trap!

This week, as the semester came to a close, a new set of Healy clock hands adorned the face of the tower. As Hoyas slowly leave the hilltop, Vox commenters had a few things to say. Students woke… Read More

University replaces Healy clock hands, missing hands in limbo

Update (5:00 p.m.) : The hands were re-installed on both faces of the clock this morning, Pugh said in an email to Vox. One of the hand sets was previously in storage, and Pugh added that “the missing hands… Read More

Healy thieves offer clock hands for bulldog Jack Jr. and $0.02

Yesterday, the Healy Clock thieves posted on CollegeCraig, a website for students to buy, sell, and trade items, offering to return the clock hands in exchange for the tall order of Jack Jr. and a negotiable two cents… Read More

UPDATE: Alleged Healy clock thieves send photo of hands to Georgetown community, play with press because they can

At 2:36 a.m. today, the Voice received an email addressed to “the faculty, staff, and students of Georgetown University” from three people claiming to be the thieves of the Healy Clock hands. The senders, who went by the… Read More

Hands on front and back side of Healy Hall clock tower missing

Today Vox woke up to the sound of the clock tower bells ringing on this spooky, rainy morning. Something felt amiss, and a quick glance out the window revealed the great gaping travesty on the face of the Healy… Read More