Vox‘s Voting Guide: GUSA Candidates from Henle Village

Vox features here the candidate from Henle Village: Ben Weiss. GUSA senatorial candidate Benjamin Weiss (COL ’15) is running for one reason: to “make things better.” Weiss is the sole candidate running in the Henle Village district, which… Read More

Public Safety Alert: Burglary in Henle Village

Shortly after noon on Wednesday, two Henle Village residents spotted an unknown male exiting their apartment. After noticing that a laptop and cell phone were missing, one of the residents confronted the suspect; the suspect made “threatening remarks”… Read More

DPS threatens, yells profanities at apprehended suspect, student alleges

A student claims that in the early morning of Friday, March 19, 2010 she saw four Department of Public Safety officers apprehend a college-aged man and yell threats and profanities at him after they had cornered him near… Read More

Student jump out of 3rd story Henle window with DPS in hot pursuit

In the best summer Georgetown news since Georgetown fired Marriott, a Georgetown student banned from campus evaded DPS by jumping out of a window only to be caught in Ohio. The Hoya scooped us on this one, but… Read More

Rape Village

Last year I broke my favorite pair of sandals journeying down the awkwardly spaced steps next to Henle Village. Later, while bemoaning my foot-wear woes, I was informed that the steps were built as a deterrent to rape…. Read More