Hillary Clinton speaks at Gaston on female leadership in armed conflict resolution

Yesterday morning, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke at “Smart Power: Security Through Inclusive Leadership”, an event on the importance of incorporating female voices into peace and security processes. This discussion was a collaborative effort between Harvard’s… Read More


Hillary Clinton talks about women and the global economy in Gaston Hall

Former Secretary of State (and potential presidential candidate) Hillary Clinton joined a panel of women leaders in Gaston Hall yesterday for an event sponsored by the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security. Clinton’s remarks and the panel discussion… Read More

Twuesday Tweetacular: Hillary is in the house

Megan Schmidt echoes Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s deepest unspoken desire: to one day have as many Twitter followers as Justin Bieber. PIZZA @ LEO’S asks the Secretary of State to endorse Leo’s pizza. Perhaps we can expect an… Read More

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton outlines America’s role in energy diplomacy

At 1 p.m. today in Gaston Hall, students stood up and enthusiastically greeted Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with a roar of applause. Dean of the School of Foreign Service Carol Lancaster introduced her to the stage. “I… Read More

DeGioia presents award to Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush for contributions to US-Afghan Women’s Council

“There is an Afghan proverb: A good year is determined by its spring. I think that is a worthy proverb to keep in mind, and indeed it is a call to action for us to be sure that… Read More

Clinton introduces National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security in Gaston Hall speech

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton chose Gaston Hall today as the venue to introduce a wide-ranging set of policies aimed to protect women and institutionalize their voices around the world. The first-ever National Action Plan on Women, Peace and… Read More

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Indian Minister Kapil Sibal speak in Gaston

Yesterday morning, while most Hoyas were still warm in their beds, others were lining up outside Gaston Hall at the crack of dawn, hoping to get a seat for a speech by one of the nation’s biggest political… Read More

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to speak at Georgetown next week

A politician is coming to Georgetown! And no, this time it isn’t one of those drop-ins from the Vice President that we’ve gotten so accustomed to. Instead, as the opening speaker for the U.S./India Higher Education Summit, which… Read More

British Foreign Secretary talks international security in Gaston Hall

In his first major foreign policy address in the United States since the formation of Britain’s new coalition government, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs William Hague delivered a powerfully unapologetic speech in Gaston Hall on… Read More

Hillary Clinton outlines Obama’s human rights agenda at Georgetown

They were reading textbooks intently in the stairwell of Gaston Hall before the event, and proofreading their essays as they waited to be let out of the Hall afterwards, but despite being in the heat of finals season,… Read More