Vox‘s guide to the best of Homecoming Weekend

As you probably know from the giant “Welcome Home Alumni” banner hanging outside Healy, this weeking is Homecoming.  Yes, there will be a football game and yes, there will be copious amount of alcohol, but did you know… Read More

More from The Voice‘s interview with Claude Jackal

In this week’s issue of the paper, Chris Heller talked to Claude Jackal (also known as Chris Lowell of Private Practice and Veronica Mars fame) about his plans for Homecoming Weekend 2009. After throwing an impromptu block party… Read More

Homecoming pushed back to mid-November

Looking at the 2009-10 calendar, there’s something curious about the scheduling of Homecoming weekend: it’s in November. Not balmy mid-October like this year or positively pleasant late-September like 2007, but dreary, drizzly November 12-14. That’s a full two… Read More

Homecoming bulldog is a Peeping Tom, drawn by a lazy artist

Is anyone else weirded out by the way Jack looks in this picture, from the 2008 Homecoming promotional materials? The drawing’s sexualized enough, what with the high school graduation attire on the girl in the picture. Why did… Read More