Help the homeless as hypothermia season begins in D.C.

Saturday, Nov. 1 marked the beginning of hypothermia season for the homeless in Washington, D.C., a time when all homeless people must be sheltered when the outside temperature drops below 32 degrees. D.C. shelters are required to provide… Read More

d.c. general

District releases plan to close D.C. General homeless shelter

City officials have announced their plan to close the D.C. General homeless family shelter “at the earliest possible time” and replace it with smaller, community-based shelters. It is estimated that this closure will take place during the 2015-2016 winter…. Read More


D.C. affordable housing gradually dwindles

D.C. residents have faced increasingly unaffordable housing for years. City Paper recently compared statistics between seven years of housing cost rates using data from a study published by the Urban Institute. The study found that 17 percent of all… Read More

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D.C. anticipates increase in homelessness this winter

As the DC heat and humidity melts the tar over Georgetown’s construction-ridden campus, it makes it hard to believe that in a few months students will be complaining about the short trek from the dorms to Lau in… Read More


Gray launches campaign to move homeless families from shelters to housing

Yesterday, Mayor Vincent Gray began his 500 Families, 100 Days project, which, as its name suggests, hopes to move 500 of the city’s homeless families from the shelter system into affordable housing by the end of June. Although District… Read More


D.C. non-profits join to stop chronic homelessness

Last week, several of the city’s best homelessness prevention groups held a meeting to launch The Way Home campaign, which believes homelessness in D.C. could be solved as early as 2017. The organizations presented a plan to meet… Read More

Homelessness on the rise in D.C. while nation sees decrease

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development revealed some bad news for D.C. when it published the 2013 Annual Assessment Report to Congress on Friday. Although the rest of the nation has seen steady decreases in the number of… Read More

CAG holds panel to raise awareness on homelessness in Georgetown

Yesterday evening, a panel organized by the Citizens Association of Georgetown convened at the Grace Episcopal Church in order to raise awareness about the homelessness problem prevalent within the Georgetown community as well as the greater DC area. The… Read More