Housing eligibility, you tease

Last night, Housing sent out a mass e-mail telling students on the eligibility waitlist that they were eligible after all. Of course, we didn’t know it was a mass e-mail until 30 minutes later, when we got this… Read More

146 sick students, Facilities refuses to help with vomit

Update: Housing changed its mind. Scroll down on this post for the information you need for cleaning. There are now 146 food-poisoned students who went to Georgetown Hospital, according to today’s email from Todd Olson. Despite this high… Read More

No room for two at GU

Dorm room beds are too small, reports the Washington Post. But don’t hold your breath waiting for Georgetown’s administrators to follow AU’s lead and start equipping campus housing with double beds — our impenetrable housing bureaucracy, combined with… Read More

$12 on Village A for the Win

Georgetown, no longer content with the traditional housing lottery, has decided to kick things up a notch this year with a real lottery. For just two dollars, students can buy a raffle ticket that gives them a chance… Read More

Hole in one for Caracas low income housing

Hugo Chavez has been making waves in the international political scene, forging diplomatic ties with Iran and Russia, leading anti-American summits and using Venezuela’s oil money to aid Cuba and several other Caribbean countries. In light of his… Read More