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Students rally at Hoya Court in support of Aramark workers

On Wednesday afternoon, over a hundred students and Aramark employees led by the Georgetown Solidarity Committee gathered at Sellinger Lounge and marched to Hoya Court in support of Aramark workers’ rights on campus. Students created a buzz of… Read More

Construction of new Hoya Court eateries delayed

Today, Associate Vice President and Chief Business Officer of University Services Debby Morey announced via email that the construction of new dining options in Hoya Court has been delayed until mid-October. To make up for the delay, University Services has… Read More

Now we know why Hoya Court is getting new restaurants

Earlier this summer, the University announced via email blast that the Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, KFC, and Subway which previously graced Hoya Court would be replaced by Elevation Burger, Salad Creations, and a “new and better” Subway. Now we… Read More

Hoya Court’s Subway offers $5 footlong deal for March

In October, we moaned about the Subway in Hoya Court’s lack of participation in the $5 footlong deal made infamous by those maddeningly annoying commercials. Looks like they’ve had a change of heart. According to Subway employees, the… Read More