Finalized version of Student Life Report 2012 released

Earlier this week, the Student Life Report committee released their finalized 50-something page document about student life. The report primarily focuses on the advisory boards and GPB, but does summarize intellectual life and administrative accountability too. You can… Read More

Hoya delays independence again, WaPo doesn’t notice

Kudos to the Washington Post Magazine for directing some attention toward the Hoya and its push for independence — but, even the pros can miss news. On Tuesday night, Hoya staffers voted down a motion to pursue independence,… Read More

Prefrosh Preview: On-campus news you can use

Just like last year, Vox has compiled a guide to “news you can use”, or in other words, an excessively comprehensive review of last year’s important news stories. Today, we cover the on-campus issues that made headlines. Check… Read More

The Hoya writes to Media Board, plans to submit budget

Surprising no one, Vox has learned that the Hoya will submit a budget proposal to the Media Board for the 2010-2011 academic year. The decision, which was largely expected after the Hoya‘s Board of Directors chose to defer… Read More

Confused by the Media Board’s Hoya Independence decision? Check out these memos!

In case our coverage of the Hoya‘s delayed independence (not to mention their news story, editorial and letter from the editor) left you confused about the Media Board’s logic, Vox has some of the memos that show the… Read More

BREAKING: Hoya independence delayed due to April Fools’ Issue

Although earlier this year it was looking like the Hoya was set to realize its long-standing goal of independence from the University, one of the sanctions imposed on them over their controversial April Fools’ Issue is a one… Read More

The Hoya may see its Independence day before next year

The Hoya’s Independence movement has been in the works for almost five years now. In that time, that lovable bi-weekly rag has been doted on by corporate sponsors and potentially denied use of its own name by the… Read More

More on the Hoya

Former Hoya Editor-in-Chief Nick Timiraos (CAS ’06), now a professional journalist, e-mails a comment on my take on the Hoya’s attempts to go independent: The Hoya’s one-time deficit (I think it was in 2001, but you’d have to… Read More

A note on Hoya independence

Our friendly rivals at the Hoya seem interested in again renewing the fight for independence from the University, as this GWU Hatchet story reports. While the University’s decision to file for a trademark on the Hoya‘s name is… Read More