Mary Jane is getting around in D.C.—but has she been accepted to Georgetown?

In the D.C. general elections on Nov. 4, the legalization of marijuana (Initiative 71) was voted on with overwhelming support—about 65% of voters were in favor. It took several months for that vote to reach fruition. Last week, marijuana… Read More


New PAC challenges Congress’ block of marijuana

Although D.C. voted to legalize marijuana last November with Initiative 71, members of Congress are attempting to prevent the passage of this legislation. This led Justin Robinson, a D.C. native, to organize a grassroots campaign called “Not Your… Read More

Mayor Bowser vows to defend Initiative 71

  It’s usually pretty rare that any overwhelming majority of people agree on something. But DC residents proved this to be wrong on a particular issue. They know what they want. They want their marijuana. And they want… Read More


Organized effort against marijuana legalization not entirely legal

According to documents obtained by DCist from the Office of Campaign Finance, an organization called TIE, which stands for “Two Is Enough, DC”, launched a campaign against marijuana legalization that was not entirely…legal. In August, the group whose… Read More

Residents petition to make D.C. the 51st state

As President Barack Obama continues into the final years of his second term, many important domestic and global issues will land on his desk.  DC residents hope that among pressing issues like immigration reform and stopping ISIS is… Read More

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Congress’s cromnibus bill threatens D.C. marijuana initiative, Obama likely to sign

Move over, baseball: hating Congress might just be the new national pastime these days (pro: you can do it when it’s raining). But D.C. voters have had even more reason to lambaste the legislative branch since Saturday when… Read More


Latest congressional spending bill blocks D.C. marijuana legalization

On Tuesday, Senate Democrats and House Republicans reached a deal on a spending bill that prevents the District from using federal funding to legalize marijuana. The new bill comes as a response to Initiative 71, which passed with… Read More


D.C. moves further toward regulation and taxation of marijuana

Last week on Nov. 25, D.C. councilmembers voted in favor of legislation to regulate and license the production, distribution, and sale of marijuana in the District. Cannabis stores could open as early as 2016 if the Council approves… Read More


Unlikely that Congress will block D.C. marijuana legalization

On November 4, Initiative 71 passed with massive support. Nearly 70 percent of voters were in favor of marijuana legalization in the District. Initiative 71 legalizes possession of up to two ounces in D.C. for adults age 21 and… Read More