This week in the Voice: Photo contest winners

This week, the winners of the Voice’s Photo Contest 2011 have their photos displayed in Features, with congrats to Keaton Bedell for the winning shot that graces the cover. News reports on the poll troubles students faced trying… Read More

This week in the Voice: U Street dance parties

This week in Features, Leigh Finnegan takes a look at the U Street corridor’s thriving dance hall scene. “In the past six months, U Hall’s focus on quality DJing and its unpretentious, no-frills atmosphere has helped start a… Read More

This week in the Voice: Veterans at Georgetown

This week in Features, Galen Weber looks into the state of veterans’ affairs at Georgetown, and the lack of a University support system. “We’ve done the easy things,” Colby Howard, vice president of Georgetown University Student Veterans of… Read More

This week in the Voice: All basketball, all the time

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! This week, Georgetown basketball took over the Voice. Here’s what we’ve got for you: Tim Shine on the men’s basketball team and the rise of Austin Freeman and Chris Wright…. Read More

This week in the Voice: Judaism at Georgetown

This week in Features, Sean Quigley profiles Rabbi Harold White, who will retire in June, and the state of Georgetown’s Jewish community. “From forging lasting relationships with students and alumni of all faiths to establishing the Program for… Read More

This week in the Voice: The poor taste of GU dining

This week in Features, Eric Pilch looks into student dissatisfaction with the dining services at Leo’s and the role of Aramark, the company behind it. “The blame may lie with the company behind Leo’s, a corporation that is… Read More

This week in the Voice: College, the first generation

This week’s in Features, Nico Dodd and Sean Quigley profile first-generation college students and how they transition to Georgetown. “About eight percent of this year’s freshman class, approximately 120 students, are first-generation college students,” they write. “They come… Read More

This week in the Voice: Arrested international development

In Features this week, Jackson Perry covers the plight of the SFS International Development certificate after Wednesday’s resignation of Zara Khan, its lead defender and coordinator. “During [Khan’s] 18 months as the program coordinator of the International Development… Read More

This week in the Voice: The weather’s right for fall fashion

In Features, Nico Dodd and Antwaun Sargent highlight their favorite styles in our annual Fall fashion spread. “we returned to the simplicity of the early ‘90s with modern touches and more attitude,” they wrote. Download the issue PDF… Read More

The Week in the Voice: WGTB signals a bright future

In this week’s Feature, Tim Shine covers the rebirth of Georgetown student radio. “If the leaders of WGTB have their way,” Shine writes, “Georgetown will be hearing from its radio station a lot more in the near future…. Read More