Comments of the Week: Georgetown Day must be blingeed

Vox was graced by a multitude of interesting comments this week. From heated discussions of the meaning of Catholicism to the news that the administration would barricade Georgetown’s largest celebration, the commentariat delivered. Vox‘s glorious new editor took… Read More

Survey claims friends try to prevent drunk hookups

Every weekend, it’s easy to see the prevalence of the hookup culture at Georgetown. The number of hookups—and subsequent hookup horror stories—even led to three Georgetown students creation of, where students can share all the details of… Read More

GU scientists collect dolphin DNA from “blow”

Great news for aquatic mammal aficionados! Georgetown scientists have pioneered a non-invasive way to collect dolphin DNA through the animals’ blow. What is blow, you ask? Just the dolphins’ exhalations. (Get your mind out of the gutter, creep.)… Read More

University officials break ground on Science Center

Last week, Preisdent John DeGioia was joined by Dean Chester Gillis, National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST) Director Patrick Gallagher, and Board of Advisors Chair Alice O’Connor Funk to officially break ground on Georgetown’s new Science Center…. Read More