New mascot puppy set to arrive on campus this week

After selecting the University’s new mascot in late August, the Bulldog Advisory Committee has finalized many of the puppy’s living arrangements and is ready to bring the bulldog to campus. The puppy arrives this week. Paul O’Neill (COL… Read More

Georgetown’s Bulldog Advisory Committee has found the next mascot

NAWWW SO CUTEEEE. (Note: none of these puppies are the actual bulldog). The Georgetown Community’s newest member is about nine weeks old, drools a lot, and snorts constantly. Rachel Pugh, Director of Media Relations, announced earlier today that… Read More

Jack Jr. moves in with local family

Goodbye forever, J.J. A few weeks after University officials announced that J.J. will no longer serve as Georgetown’s mascot, Jack and J.J.’s caretaker Fr. Christopher Steck selected the family that will adopt the bulldog puppy. In addition to the criteria… Read More

J.J. appears at his first Georgetown game, pops balloons like a champ

The Hoyas remain undefeated whenever J.J. pops balloons at the Verizon Center Even though Vox brought you photos of Jack and J.J. earlier this week, Georgetown University Athletics uploaded this video today of J.J. in action at the… Read More

J.J. to debut “balloon trick” at Louisville game, will sport adorable jersey

J.J. practices the balloon trick in New South Our adorable mascot-in-training is finally ready for the big leagues. After months of doggy boot-camp, Jack Jr. will make his first appearance at a Georgetown basketball game, according to an… Read More

Comments of the Week: In the protection of underage fruit products

Finals week has taken a toll on Vox lately, but Comments of the Week will be running regularly. This past week, we saw the disappearance of the Healy clock hands and the selection of commencement speakers. Last Monday, Georgetown woke… Read More

Healy thieves offer clock hands for bulldog Jack Jr. and $0.02

Yesterday, the Healy Clock thieves posted on CollegeCraig, a website for students to buy, sell, and trade items, offering to return the clock hands in exchange for the tall order of Jack Jr. and a negotiable two cents… Read More

Comments of the Week: A puppy is cuter than a Newt

On Wednesday evening, GOP presidential contender Newt Gingrich spoke to a sizable audience in Gaston Hall, while a protest of slightly smaller size took place outside Healy Hall. If we told typical that a former Vox editor was… Read More

Breaking: Mascot-in-training named “J.J.” to join Jack the Bulldog

In two weeks, a four-month-old bulldog puppy named Jack Jr., or J.J., will join Jack the Bulldog as a Georgetown mascot-in-training. The puppy was a gift from bulldog breeders Janice and Marcus Hochstetler, the parents of two Georgetown… Read More