Twuesday Tweetacular: Professor, can I go to the bathroom?

If you ask a professor on the first day of class if you have to do the readings, how have you made it this far in life? — Georgetown Heckler (@GtownHeckler) January 7, 2015 Georgetown Heckler must be… Read More

Twuesday Tweetacular: Jack the Bulldog bartends at Bulldog Tavern

“When am I not updating my resume?” #OverheardatGeorgetown — Georgetown Heckler (@GtownHeckler) November 18, 2014 Well, Georgetown Heckler, Vox thinks that since it’s getting cold out, Georgetown students have put off updating their resumes as they online shop for… Read More

Twuesday Tweetacular: Bill Clinton wins the #tbt game

what if undercover cops posed as uber drivers tho — Ellie Yaeger (@ellieyaeger) May 31, 2014 Well Ellie Yaeger, this would probably result in the immediate arrest of drunken freshmen from Darnall, incapable of walking back to campus… Read More

Patrick Sheehan, first Jack the Bulldog mascot, died in Bronx car crash Saturday

Patrick Sheehan (COL ’81), the first to don the now-familiar Jack the Bulldog mascot costume, died in a car accident Saturday when an SUV lost control and slammed into his cab on the Hutchinson River Parkway in the… Read More

New mascot puppy set to arrive on campus this week

After selecting the University’s new mascot in late August, the Bulldog Advisory Committee has finalized many of the puppy’s living arrangements and is ready to bring the bulldog to campus. The puppy arrives this week. Paul O’Neill (COL… Read More

Georgetown’s Bulldog Advisory Committee has found the next mascot

NAWWW SO CUTEEEE. (Note: none of these puppies are the actual bulldog). The Georgetown Community’s newest member is about nine weeks old, drools a lot, and snorts constantly. Rachel Pugh, Director of Media Relations, announced earlier today that… Read More

Vox Pupuli: Jack the Bulldog recovers from surgery

Our Hoya mascot Jack the Bulldog is reportedly now active and recovering from ACL surgery. In March, Father Christopher Steck reported that Jack injured himself while jumping on a couch. It’s good to have you back, Jack. Keep… Read More

Breaking: Mascot-in-training named “J.J.” to join Jack the Bulldog

In two weeks, a four-month-old bulldog puppy named Jack Jr., or J.J., will join Jack the Bulldog as a Georgetown mascot-in-training. The puppy was a gift from bulldog breeders Janice and Marcus Hochstetler, the parents of two Georgetown… Read More

Jack tears his ACL jumping on a couch, surgery probable

Jack, Our beloved mascot and the dog who eats boxes so we don’t have to, tore an ACL on Sunday. According to Fr. Christopher Steck, Jack likely injured himself jumping on a couch. Steck tweeted Monday that the hobbled… Read More

The breed of our beloved mascot is in trouble, New York Times Magazine reports

The bulldog is the quintessential college mascot. He’s strong, he’s pugnacious, but he’s still cuddly and adorable enough to dress up and take for walks. But according to a recent article published by New York Times Magazine, this… Read More