U Street Ethiopian restaurant Dukem to host weekly jazz shows

D.C.’s U Street has long been a proud home for America’s classical music, dating back to the days of Duke Ellington when the neighborhood featured one of the nation’s most vibrant and productive jazz scenes. Today, the street… Read More

Concert preview: GU Jazz Ensemble

Duke Ellington may have first formed his big band 90 years ago, but his sensual melodies and complex, layered compositions still feel fresh alongside his contemporaries of the digital age. Want proof? Come support the Georgetown University Jazz Ensemble… Read More

Concert Preview: Wild Belle comes to U Street Music Hall

If you’re in dire need of something to brighten the somber season of midterms, Vox has the perfect prescription: a light, feel-good concert in the District. Native Chicagoans Natalie and Elliot Bergman make up the duo known as… Read More

Photos: Next Wave Jazz Ensemble’s show in the Davis Performing Arts Center

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Prefrosh Preview: A guide to the D.C. jazz scene

Whether you’re a bona fide jazzhead or just need somewhere to impress that cutie you met during NSO, D.C. has you covered. From big band favorites to bossa and bop, the District has it all. Here are Vox’s… Read More

This Week in the Voice: April 19, 2012

In this week’s feature, Gavin Bade dives into the District’s jazz scene, from Columbia Heights to U Street, and Duke Ellington to H Street NE: Even if it is a smaller, less prestigious scene, D.C. has certain elements… Read More

Remix Your Weekend: On the last day of finals, my true love gave to me

Concerts While you really shouldn’t have time to see shows this weekend, we have the perfect guide to procrastinate. And if you promised yourself those days of putting off work are a thing of the past, just consider these… Read More

5 ways to get down with the DC jazz scene

The Madison Sounds of Deliverance play in Dupont Circle Did you love Al Haddad’s article on jazz in DC in our most recent issue? Do you aspire to be just as booted and avoiding of clinkers? Al has… Read More