Looking for work after graduation? D.C. might not be a bad place to stay

According to DCist in an article they published earlier this week, Washington DC ranks at 17th on the list of best cities to find jobs in the United Sates. “Best Cities for Job Seekers in 2015” was put… Read More

Hoyas flock to Teach for America, rank third in university recruits

For the second year running, Georgetown University ranks third among colleges and universities of its size in contributing graduating seniors to the non-profit organization Teach for America, just after Northwestern University and Harvard University. In the Class of… Read More

Vacancy: University seeks new Police Chief to lead DPS

Look’s like there’s gonna be a new sheriff in town. Georgetown is looking for a new Chief of Police. Last week, the University posted a job opening for the position of Police Chief in the Department of Public… Read More

SFS takes Dean search to the Internet

After Robert Gallucci left us for the MacArthur Foundation last year, the School of Foreign Service has been hunting for a new Dean.  And it seems that Georgetown’s looking high and low—even taking the search to the internet! … Read More

The undergrad-in-search-of-Personal-Assistant trend is really taking off

Won’t you lend a hand to your better-off but over-stressed fellow Hoyas? When Vox put up a post about a Georgetown sophomore’s quest to find a Personal Assistant last Friday, we unwittingly released quite a firestorm—123 comments and… Read More

Georgetown sophomore seeks personal assistant, takes premature self-importance to whole new level

Being a Personal Assistant: If it’s good enough for Anne Hathaway, it’s good enough for you! Depressing job market got you down?  Never fear, your fellow Hoya is here to help! In what is easily the most absurd… Read More

Job Posting: Play Worker

New York City’s plans to build a new series of playgrounds with trained play workers will provide the kiddies with an innovative approach to play—one that nurtures imagination, fantasy with among other things, interactive moveable parts. Their job:… Read More