Spotted: John McCain at Georgetown basketball game

Obama may have waffled on the issue of Georgetown basketball, but the Original Maverick knows better: game-goers spotted former presidential candidate John McCain at last night’s Georgetown-Syracuse game at Verizon Center. And from the looks of it, he… Read More

What do John McCain and the Silver Line have in common?

A Metro map with the proposed Silver line It’s looking increasingly less likely that either of them will be spending the next four years in the D.C. Metro area. The oft-debated Metro line to Dulles International Airport was… Read More

Frum and Shrum hit Gaston, Frum says don’t donate to McCain.

David Frum Political commentators David Frum and Bob Shrum (COL ’65) appeared at Gaston Hall tonight to discuss the “issues and implications” of the Presidential election.  SFS Professor Jacques Berlinerblau moderated the discussion. Frum, a leading conservative thinker,… Read More

One round in, McCain’s bracket is already toast

Let’s hope, at least for John McCain’s sake, that being able to fill out a halfway-decent bracket isn’t a reliable indicator of presidential ability. According to an article from the Canadian Press, McCain has Kansas, Memphis, UNC and… Read More

Romney drops out, McCain receives lukewarm reception at CPAC

Mitt Romney withdrew from the G.O.P. 2008 primary and Senator John McCain outlined his platform to a crowd of roughly 10,000 people at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) today. Speakers at the thirty-fifth annual CPAC, held at… Read More

McCain riding Roy’s coattails to victory?

If political pundits have taught us anything this primary cycle, it’s that we shouldn’t be listening to political pundits.  McCain, now the G.O.P. front-runner, was declared dead over the summer (his campaign, that is—he’s not that old), the… Read More