Journalist and GU law student Austin Tice (SFS ’02) reportedly in Syrian custody

Austin Tice (SFS ’02, LAW ’13), a freelance journalist for the Washington Post, McClatchy, and numerous other publications, is likely to have been taken into custody by the Syrian government, according to an article published today on McClatchy’s website. Tice,… Read More

Former deputy White House press secretary Tony Fratto to teach at Georgetown

This semester, Tony Fratto, former deputy White House press secretary, will be teaching a course in the School of Continuing Studies’ Journalism Department called The White House and the Press. The course will be co-taught by CBS News White… Read More

Politico hangs out in Fritz Brogan’s new apartment for some reason

Any story about Fritz Brogan (COL ’07)—a big player among the exclusive, conservative, preppy crowd Late Night Shots, who is the quintessential Georgetown man, the Joe Hoya as the Voice once dubbed him—always makes for delightful reading. But… Read More

AU students vandalize Eagle, demand firing of “rape apologist” student columnist

Earlier this week, students at American University vandalized copies of The Eagle, its main student newspaper, over a column by student Alex Knepper in which he calls date rape “an incoherent concept.” Anonymous students littered hallways with Eagle… Read More

The Washington Post‘s terrible college news blog profiles Calen Angert

From time to time, the Washington Post attempts to provide good hyper-local coverage of D.C.—and they almost always fail stupendously. Recently, the Post found a new, similarly out-of-their-purview beat to epically fail at: college campuses. Their college news… Read More

Washington media reminds us that Presidents’ Day is for crybabies

Complaining about Monday classes? Well, Vox doesn’t blame you, but the D.C. media and their readers are complaining about you. That’s right, upon hearing about Georgetown’s earnest Facebook efforts to protest the administration’s decision to bag our Presidents’… Read More

Saxaspeak relaunches under The Hoya

Saxaspeak, Vox‘s old blogging buddy, is back. This time, though, it’s called, Saxaspeak: The Talk of the Hilltop, and it’s run by the Hoya. The old Saxaspeak collapsed shortly after it became a mere repository of Georgetown Google… Read More

Georgetown Dish launches, asks “Are you Gtown genpop?”

Well, are you? Georgetown Dish, the Georgetown neighborhood’s news and gossip website, launched last month. Most of it caters to Tiger Woods obsessives and the old-enough-to-be-your-grandparents set, but at least one column on the site could interest Georgetown… Read More

Washington Times giving Barker Davis, Hoya basketball coverage the boot

Not long for this world HoyaTalk was abuzz last week when The Washington Times announced it was cutting its local news, sports, and feature content, and shifting to a free distribution model. For Georgetown fans on the site,… Read More

The Georgetown Dish, a neighborhood social and news site, to launch in December

A mockup of The Georgetown Dish, less tabloid-y than its Huffington muse Ask Georgetown resident Beth Solomon what she envisions for The Georgetown Dish and she’ll tell you she’s looking to create “a cross between a local Huffington Post… Read More