Washingtonian follows the party around the District

Meanwhile, at the Washingtonian In its February issue, the Washingtonian has an article that chronicles the party scenes of five area colleges. It can be trite (the writers have either long since graduated or are trying hard to… Read More

Juicy Campus shutting down tomorrow

No, but seriously, I’m broke! Georgetown’s own Blair Waldorfs are out of luck: according to a press release, online gossip site Juicy Campus is closing tomorrow. This isn’t that surprising, considering that the site’s founder, Matt Ivester (above),… Read More

Win JuicyCampus crap in our limerick contest

Untold riches In honor of last week’s cover story about DC poetry slams, we’re having a limerick contest. Write a limerick about Georgetown and send it in by the last day of classes, December 5th. Surely you can… Read More

Juicy Campus’s Matt Ivester: exactly as you’d expect, but delightfully so

You can keep your Kofi Annans and your Rupert Murdochs. For me, the best mark of a speaker at Georgetown is that he or she has no patience with stupid questions. The Ethicist was pretty good at dissing… Read More

Rest easy, Georgetown rumor-mongers

We checked in with VP of Student Affairs Todd Olson to see if there was any truth to claim by American University Dean of Students Sara Waldron that we’re “taking some action” against Juicy Campus. His response? Umm,… Read More

Pat Dowd denies any upcoming Juicy Campus censorship

Yesterday, the American University Eagle reported that Georgetown officials had nefarious plans for Juicy Campus. We thought that was funny considering that GUSA President Pat Dowd, once enamored with the idea, had dismissed it weeks ago. In an… Read More

Georgetown to take action against Juicy Campus? AU says so.

The most pernicious website of our time, Georgetown Juicy Campus, recently expanded to include our neighbors at George Washington and American. Now the AU Eagle is reporting that the AU administration’s official response is to wait to see… Read More

CollegelifeDC wants to show you the classier side of the internet

The above ad for collegelifeDC that’s running on the Hoya’s website. Props to them for tailoring their message to the market, but they get some demerits for so shamelessly piggy-backing off Juicy Campus’s notoriety. Another problem: the ad… Read More

Greg Mottla, Steve Holt, and how to destroy Juicy Campus if you want to

You’re sick of Juicy Campus, I’m sick of Juicy Campus, and it only just got here. Bear with me, though, because there’s a mewling baby censor in today’s Hoya who’s begging for a response. Writer Greg Mottla (COL… Read More

Juicy Campus comes to Georgetown after all

I lamented Monday that Georgetown doesn’t have a pitbull in the anonymous gossip dog fight that is Juicy Campus because we don’t have a section of the site for ourselves, even though Juicy Campus added more colleges. Disregard… Read More